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About 5miles

Buying new is great but is not always the most economical option. Getting good-quality used items can often be a great way to snatch a bargain. Furniture, tech, clothes, and many other things are frequently best bought pre-loved. The 5miles app is a great way to do this - as its name implies - very close to your home. You can turn on the radar and see who's selling what in your neighborhood and beyond. If you wish to clean out your attic or have a garage sale, this buy-and-sell online service connects you with other sellers- or buyers. Want to save? Want to earn? You can do both!

Best of 5miles

The 5miles online platform is accessible through the website and a sleek and well-designed smartphone app. The latter boasts an impressive interface that will take you about two minutes to get used to. In addition to regular sales, it also has a highly convenient auction feature that you can use to bid and get some great bargains. 5miles furniture, clothes, and tech sections are among the most popular on the app. You can also get books, cooking utensils, and so much more. Apps like 5miles are making a massive difference in how we shop.

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Of course, an incredible selection of goods is not the only thing that sets the 5miles website and app apart from their competition. Great prices and exclusive deals are magnets for thrifty shoppers. Sellers can use several features to tweak the prices and attract customers. You can also redeem some pretty great 5miles coupons and save even more on your next purchase as a buyer. Whether you're looking to freshen up your home or revamp your wardrobe - you'll get to do it on a dime.
5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuf

5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuf

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