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How the Appgrooves Coupon Platform Drives Shoppers to Your App or Mobile Brand

Who are we?

AppGrooves provides the best coupons for everyday purchases made on the best mobile-friendly brands, all 100% verified to guarantee savings.

who we are

What Can AppGrooves Do
For Your Brand?

You provide an exciting coupon for mobile shoppers.
We connect you to our huge audience of customers who love to make shop on mobile!
Shoppers discover your app or mobile website, ready to make a purchase and increase your revenue.

How does it work?

We help you acquire new customers and drive returning customers back to your mobile app or website through the power of coupons.

how does it work

Why Partner with AppGrooves?

Since AppGrooves is a privately owned and operated website, you don't have to worry about third-party privacy policy changes from Apple and Google.

Plus our strong SEO presence brings millions of new users every day, driving new users & returning users alike to your brand.

Large-Scale Purchasers

Monthly Visitors

New Customers Every Day

of MAUs comes from Google Search

Engaged Repeat Customers

Daily Newsletter Subscribers

Unbeatable Redemption Rate


CTR From Coupon Page

AppGrooves customers click to redeem at 30-50%, depending on the coupon. For reference, a benchmark CTR for Facebook ads is 5%. We deliver 10x the results!

Our Partners?

Join hundreds of famous brands with coupons listed on Appgrooves.

How We Connect to Shoppers

Coupon Page

A dedicated page for your company coupons.
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Coupon Categories

Feature your coupon among others in the same shopping category
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Daily Emails

Promote your coupon in our daily newsletter to over 20,000 shoppers.
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